Past Happenings



OCTOBER 6TH & 7TH, 2018

“As a studio potter, I work diligently to make well-crafted wares for everyday people. It’s seemingly less about the “ritual of the table” and more about respecting a long tradition of craftsmen before me and discovering my own voice. As a contemporary potter, I often look to past traditions for inspiration. I’m interested in folk pottery of many origins… My native state of North Carolina, of course offers a deep well of talented potters, both folk and contemporary, to look towards for inspiration.

Simplicity in form offers a broad surface for me to embellish with lines, patterns, and drawings. Before I was introduced to the ceramic arts, I did a fair amount of illustration before and during art school. The combination of three-dimensional forms and two-dimensional drawings was a natural fusion of both my love of drawing and pottery, art and craft. It is my intention to bring together clear and abstract markings to engage the view to look closely at how design relates to the form of a pot.”

Instagram @kylecarpenterpottery


NANCY GREEN - 2 day demo

NOVEMBER 11th & 12th, 2017

“Although I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, as a child I spend every possible moment in the country exploring the woods and playing in creeks. The earthy tones to my functional pots reflect the nature that surrounded me as a child.

My aesthetic falls into a minimalist category, less is more for me. I am draw to and hope to create pots that have an organic and natural quality. These are the pots that pull me in. Their irregularities give these pots a personality not unlike our own physical presence. I juxtapose minimalism, simple clean lines, design that are unadorned but have a strong presence with aspects that are loose, organic and casual.

My stoneware pieces are treadle wheel thrown and then modified with hand built components. Surface treatments are applied slips and glazes, natural ash and/or soda. My work is fired in soda or wood kilns.  

This 2 Day Demo Workshop focused on the endless possibilities of forms that can be made starting with a basic bottomless cylinder.” 

Instagram @nancygreenceramics